The Nova Scotia Cultural Action Network – Nova Scotia CAN – is a coalition of individuals who are dedicated to the progressive development of the province’s arts and culture for the benefit of all Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia CAN had its origins in a May 2006 meeting of sector activists who were invited to share their thoughts on the state of cultural development in Nova Scotia.  When it became clear that there were serious concerns and a determination to do something about them, the group undertook a further series of meetings to develop a shared vision for future action.  The positive orientation of the group is clearly expressed in the name it chose for itself:

Nova Scotia CAN

Nova Scotia CAN was formally launched on 22 February 2007 in front of a standing-room-only audience at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

The centrepiece of the launch was the Nova Scotia CAN Vision Statement which had been worked on for many months by a core group within the Network. Feedback received at the launch and after was overwhelmingly positive. You can read the launch invitation by clicking here.

Follwing on several commitments made in the Vision Statement, Nova Scotia CAN initiated a two year research project to turn Nova Scotia into a creative powerhouse at the forefront of the new economy. The result was its groundbreaking 2009 report:

Nova Scotia CAN: Building the Creative Economy in Nova Scotia

The report was widely circulated in Nova Scotia's public, private, and voluntary sectors to genreal acclaim. Subsequent presentations on the report have been made to various government depatments, ministers, legislators, and interested community groups.

The response to the report made it evident that further work was necessary, so the Research and Strategy Group of Nova Scotia CAN spent another year developing a economic development strategy for the creative economy. Nova Scotia and the New Economy: A Strategy for Developing the Creative Economy as a Key Element in Nova Scotia's Economic Recovery was launched in March 2010 and is currently being circulated.

With these three key documents in place, Nova Scotia CAN issued an invitation for 75 key players in the province's culture sector to come together for HALIFAX ARTS SUMMIT 2010. The event took place at Saint Mary's University on 3 June 2010. The proceedings from this important event can be viewed by clicking here.